Harmonic Infinity Loops

Neel’s latest artistic vision, Harmonic Infinity Loops was recently praised by the New York City Jazz Record for his “astonishing vocal control” and “surprisingly cohesive and compelling display”.

This work features Neel’s overtone singing, which he has practiced for 18 years, having studied with Timothy Hill from the Harmonic Choir and Batuvshin of the Buriyat group Uragsha. With this solo performance Neel introduces looping technology to create droning, psychedelic soundscapes of remarkable clarity and depth.

Time in the music is measured by breaths not bars, as Neel moves exceedingly slowly between overtone melodies, the sound of Aum, chords, textures and chants. Every performance is different, as Neel mixes this new sonic vocabulary in different ways, within the context of a compositional element or improvisational fancy.

Compositions can draw from a simple pop chord progression slowed way down, to Indian classical ragas, which Neel has studied for 25 years, to simple words and phrases, chosen as much for their sound as their meaning. Neel often finds himself creating a new alien language as he improvises with consonant and vowel sounds, turned into chants.

Listeners report entering states of deep relaxation as they are drawn into this sonic journey. Neel is also a teacher of overtone singing and can pair his performance of Harmonic Infinity Loops with a group workshop. Even within the context of the performance Neel is known to briefly teach how to produce overtones in an accessible way, and have the audience join in for a spell.